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About Us

The original house was built in 1899 by the Bergman family.  They operated a hardware store in Irvine for many years...the house remained in the Bergman family for over 100 years.  My husband and I purchased it in December 2007.  I was born here in Estill County and I graduated in 1956 from the old Estill County High School, which is now three (3) houses from The Bergman House on Main Street.  I left Estill County in 1956 to seek employment in Cincinnati, Ohio. While there, I married and had 4 beautiful children and wrote a number one local best seller "Under The Cowboy Hat" ( available at The Bergman House)  Now, after 50 years, I am back home in Irvine , as the co-owner and proprietor of the beautiful Bergman House.         

 We applied for permit/privilege license in March/April 2008 and finally opened in May 2009 (pictured in CV&T newspaper and Estill Tribune).

 Uniquely situated in back of the house, is an old pre-Civil War cemetery. and DANIEL BOONE's grandson is buried here!


Johnetta (Kirby) Dunaway-Whalen & Michael


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